Gleichstellung im SFB 894

Last round (2022) of the SFB 894 "MiniProposals"

Our budget is 9,000 euros and we are planning to fund three MiniProposals. 



Applications are open to doctoral students who are either funded by or associated with SFB 894, but not postdocs and project leaders.

3,000 euros maximum can be applied for each MiniProposal. Only 1 proposal per subproject is allowed (single or tandem application). Up to 2 female applicants per project can be funded within or between different projects.

Associate members must present their financing. Material resources and small devices that are part of the standard laboratory equipment, which would have to be financed by the basic equipment, cannot be funded.

The MiniProposal includes: A description of your scientific project, a short explanation of why the requested equipment and/or small-scale equipment is needed a financial plan including offers a curriculum vitae (1 page). Please include a short statement by the responsible project leader (≤ 5 sentences). Please strictly adhere to the layout: 11 pt, 1.1 pt line spacing, 3 pages (description + budget). Language: English.

Please send the application as a PDF file to sfb894(at) by May, 8 2021 (deadline). The jury consisting of SFB 894 project leaders will be appointed after the deadline to avoid conflicts of interest.
Good luck!

Good Luck!


SFB 894 buys second KidsBox for Campus Homburg

As of January 2020, a second KidsBox will now be available on the UKS Homburg campus and can be borrowed as needed.

Young parents sometimes find themselves in the situation where they have to take their child to work at short notice, either because the child cannot go to daycare or school or because the regular childcare was unexpectedly cancelled. What to do with the child while you have to attend an urgent boarding? SFB 894 now offers a solution with its KidsBox. It is rolled into the workplace and turns it into a parent-child room in no time at all. Or, as in the case shown, a seminar room becomes a work and play room for our guest's company.

Please send inquiries to