Second funding period: Projects 2015-2018

ProjectTitlePrincipal investigator
Section A: From molecular mechnanisms to the integrative function
A1Ca2+-dependent CTL and NK cell cytotoxicityHoth
A2Mechanisms and function of STIM2- and mAR-dependent Ca2+ signals in immune cellsNiemeyer & Peinelt
A3CaVβ2- and CaVβ3-specific signal transductionFlockerzi & Philipp
A4Mechanisms and regulation of Ca2+ leakage from the ERZimmermann & Cavalié
A7Ca2+-dependent vesicle trafficking in the photoreceptor synapseSchmitz
A8Calcium channel complexes in inner hair cellsEngel
A9Docking and priming of large dense-core vesicles in neurons and neuroendocrine cells Becherer
A10Molecular mechanisms of maturation, Ca2+-dependent fusion and endocytosis of lytic granulesPattu & Rettig
A11Complexin and Synaptotagmin in exocytosisBruns
A12Neurotransmitter receptors and Ca2+ signals in cerebellar Bergmann gliaKirchhoff
A13Role of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake during physiological and pathological workloadsMaack
A14TRPC channels in micro- and macroglial cellsBeck & Flockerzi
A17 Mechanisms of receptor-operated Ca2+ signals in pheromone-detecting sensory neuronsZufall
A18GnRH-induced Ca2+ signals in pituitary gonadotrope cellsBoehm
A19The role of Gq-dependent signaling for pacemaking, impulse propagation and contractility of the heartLipp
Section P: Plattform projects
P1NanoscopyKrause & Rettig
P2Transgenic technologiesWeißgerber
P3Peptides and antibodiesJung