Project A12 - Marcel Lauterbach & Frank Kirchhoff

Function of Ca2+ signals in radial glia of mice and reptiles

During previous funding, we uncovered how Ca2+ signaling molecules on cerebellar radial glia affect motor behavior. Ca2+-permeable AMPA and P2Y1 receptors enable the Bergmann glia (BG) to sense neuronal activity and to regulate reciprocally cerebellar output. Now, we will not only substantiate our findings in vivo, but we will also study whether the role of radial glia is evolutionary conserved.

We will compare BG in the mouse cerebellar allocortex with ependymoglial cells of the three-layered turtle cortex. Ca2+ and super-resolution imaging will be performed at tripartite synapses in vivo and in situ, both in mouse and turtle, to reveal structural dynamics and precise location of receptors.