Projects of the CRC 894

The projects of the Collaborative Research Center 894 are divided in the section A "Molecular mechanisms and integrative functions" and the section P "Platform projects". The three "Platform projects" support the projects of section A with high-end techniques.

The topics within the collaborative research center cover a large field spanning from immunology to synaptic transmission.

Hence, the Collaborative Research Center 894 is examining mechanisms throughout the Ca2+ signaling pathways, from basic mechanisms to bodily functions.

Projects 2019-2022

Section A: From molecular mechanisms to integrative functions
A1Ca2+-dependent CTL and NK cell cytotoxicityHoth
A2Physiological functions of novel STIM1 and STIM2 splice variantsNiemeyer
A3CaVβ2- and CaVβ3-specific signal transductionBelkacemi & Flockerzi
A4Mechanisms and regulation of Ca2+ leakage from the ERLang & Cavalié
A7Ca2+-regulated trafficking in photoreceptor synapsesSchmitz
A8Calcium channel complexes and cochlear synaptopathyEngel
A9CAPS function in dorsal root ganglion neuronsBecherer
A10Cytotoxic T lymphocyte function in vitro und in vivoPattu & Rettig
A11Complexin and synaptotagmin in Ca2+ triggered exocytosisBruns
A12Function of Ca2+ signals in radial glia of mice and reptilesLauterbach & Kirchhoff
A13Integrative consequences of defective mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake in Barth SyndromPrates Roma & Maack
A14Ca2+ channels in micro- und macroglial cellsBeck & Flockerzi
A17 Mechanisms of rezeptor-operated Ca2+ signals in pheromone-detecting sensory neuronsLeinders-Zufall & Zufall
A18Ca2+ signal generation in gonadotropesBoehm
A19The role of Gq-dependent signaling for pacemaking, impulse propagation and contractibility of the heartLipp
A20Mitochondrial membrane scaffolds as central notes in intracellular Ca2+signalingvan der Laan

Activation of the unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum (UPRER) by aberrant Ca2+ signals

A22Mechanisms of calcium homeostasis and signal integration in primary ciliaMick
Section P: Platform projects
P1Light nanoscopyKrause & Rettig
P2Transgene technologiesWeißgerber & Boehm
P3Peptides and antibodiesJung