Jens Rettig - Speaker

Andrea Berger - Coordinator

Sonderforschungsbereich 894
Saarland University
Faculty of Medicine
CIPMM | Building 48
66421 Homburg

Phone: +49 6841/16-16401
Fax: +49 6841/16-16402


By car

Navi: Uniklinikum, Homburg

From Mannheim or Saarbrücken

Highway (Autobahn) A6 , take exit 'Homburg/Saar', follow the sign to 'Homburg', then follow the signs to 'Kliniken/ Universitätskliniken'.

From Luxembourg, Trier or Koblenz

Highway (Autobahn) A8 until Neunkirchen/Saar, follow directions to highway (Autobahn) A6 to Mannheim, take the exit ‘Homburg/Saar’ and follow signs to ‘Kliniken / Universitätskliniken’.


Parking is available at the main entrance of the university hospital campus (Parkhaus). A free bus service operating within the hospital campus from 7 am until 4 pm departs every fifteen minutes.



Mit Bus und Bahn

InterCityExpress/EuroCity from Mannheim or Saarbrücken (Bahnhof) train stations to Hauptbahnhof Homburg.

You can reach the university hospital from Homburg train station with a taxi (duration ~10 min.) or the municipal busses 511 or 512.

You may also use the NVG-Line 315 (Uniklinikum – Beeden – Limbach – Zentralfriedhof/Furpach, this bus connects to Line 305).

A free bus (Klinikbus 560) operates within the hospital campus from 7 am until 4 pm and departs from the main entrance every fifteen minutes.

Bus Services

From the Hauptbahnhof Homburg to the university hospital (~ 12 min. ride)

The busses (Stadtbus Linie) 511 and 512 (direction Birkensiedlung / Kirrberg) operate from 05:36 am - 20:15 pm four times an hour at the minutes 06, 15, 36 and 45 From 20:15 to 23:00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays (beginning at 13:00 pm) twice an hour at the minutes 06 and 45.

From the university hospital to Hauptbahnhof Homburg (~ 12 min. ride) at the main entrance near the Parkhaus.

The busses 511 and 512 operate at the minutes 01, 14, 31, 44 (an extra bus 571 operates at 16:09 pm)




By air

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