Ca2+ signals:
Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions Collaborative Research Center 894

Platform project P1 Elmar Krause & Jens Rettig

Light Nanoscopy

The platform project P1 provides several super-resolution techniques to other research projects of the CRC 894. At present P1 possesses two microscopes (both Zeiss) that offer those techniques. Beside standard “Laser-Scanning-Microscopy (LSM)” the new super-resolution techniques “Structured-Illumination-Microscopy (SIM)” and “Photoactivated-Localization-Microscopy (PALM)” are implemented. Moreover, “Total-Internal-Reflection-Microscopy (TIRFM)” is part of the portfolio.

P1 was launched at the beginning of the last funding period and is heavily used since then by many research projects. Up to now 14 publications contain data from P1.

In the next funding period we plan to provide further innovative microscopic techniques like “Stimulated-Emission-Depletion-microscopy (STED) and “Reversible-Saturable-Optical-Flurorescence-Transition-microscopy (RESOLFT)” to our portfolio. The microscopes will be funded by the State of Saarland and the BMBF as part of the new CIPMM building.