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Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions Collaborative Research Center 894

Gender Equality in the CRC 894

Workshops for young female Scientists

This year, the SFB 894 will offer workshops in English and German on the topic of self-marketing for young female scientists as part of Gender Equality.

Our first workshop will take place on 07.11.2018. Next week the adequate German workshop will follow.


1. Wednesday, 07.11.18, 9-17:

Workshop with 8-10 participants in english 

Topic: "Get yourself seen" (Self-marketing in the field of science for young female scientists.)

Trainer: Michelle Hunter (Trainer and Coach, Bristol, UK)

Up to 8 participants can additionally book individual coachings (45 minutes each) for Thursday, 08.11.18.

Location: CIPMM Auditorium 

Since places are limited, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible (by Friday, 5.10. at the latest). 

- if you would like to participate in the workshop

- if you wish to have an additional coaching session


2. Wednesday, 14.11.18, 9-17 h:

Workshop for 8-10 participants in german 

Topic: "From the myth of noble restraint!" (How one can make oneself more visible in everyday scientific work)

Speaker: Dr. Elisabeth Zuber-Knost

ZKonsult, trainer and coach;

Associate member of the German Association for Higher Education Communication (Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation) and board member of the Baden-Württemberg Association of Women Scientists (Verband Baden-Württembergischer Wissenschaftlerinnen).

On 15.11. individual coaching sessions (45 min each) can be arranged for a maximum of 8 participants.

Location: CIPMM Auditorium


Since the places are limited, we ask for early feedback at the latest by Friday, October 10, 2018 about

- Participation in one of the workshops on November 7 or 14, 2018

- Request of a supplementary individual coaching on November 8 or 15, 2018.


Vacation-related please write an email to Prof. Dr. Jutta Engel: j.engeluniklinikum-saarlandde

The places will be allocated according to the order of registrations!



Fourth round (2018) of the CRC  894 "MiniProposal“


  • Applicable are female researchers (PhD students and/or postdocs) that are either employed by or associated to CRC 894, no PIs.
  • The budget is limited to 2,000 EUR per MiniProposal.
  • Only one MiniProposal per project is allowed (individual or tandems).
  • It is possible to support up to 2 female applicants within or between different projects per proposal.
  • Associated members have to specify their current funding situation.
  • We do not fund consumables or small pieces of standard lab equipment that should be paid by the university (Grundausstattung).

The MiniProposal should include:

  • A description of your scientific project, a brief justification why the requested consumables and/or equipment are needed 
  • a budget plan including offers that may apply
  • A short CV per applicant (1 page)
  • A short statement from the responsible PI in which he or she supports the MiniProposal (≤ 5 sentences) 

Layout: 11 pt, 1.1 pt line spacing, 3 pages (description and budget plan)

Please send your MiniProposal as one pdf file till June 15, 2018 (deadline) to


Good Luck!

CRC 894 bought KidsBox for Campus Homburg

Seit 7.03.2018 ist nun auch eine KidsBox auf dem Campus des UKS Homburg verfügbar und kann bei Bedarf ausgeliehen werden.

Junge Eltern waren schon mal in der Situation, dass sie ihr Kind kurzfristig mit an den Arbeitsplatz nehmen mussten, sei es, weil das Kind nicht in die Kita oder die Schule kann oder weil die reguläre Kinderbetreuung überraschend ausgefallen war. Was tun mit dem Kind, während man selbst eine dringende Verpfichtung wahrnehmen muss? Eine Lösung bietet der SFB nun mit der KidsBox. Sie kann ausgeliehen werden und wird an den Arbeitsplatz gerollt und macht diesen im Handumdrehen zum Eltern-Kind-Zimmer.

Anfragen bitte an

SFB 894 Gender Equality Lecture Series

A new concept is our SFB 894 Gender Equality Lecture Series.

We will watch together a DVD talking on Communication and how women are successful in her job. 

The lessons are in German but it is possible for international scientists to join if they understand German. 

Afterwards we will talk on the topics and exchange on our experiences. 

Some snacks and drinks will be provided.

3 sessions with 2 lessons per session: starting at 5 pm on the following Thursdays:

Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 5 pm
Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 5 pm
Summer Holidays
Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 5 pm

Please register here for the Lecture Series:

Exzellenzprogramm für Wissenschaftlerinnen 2015-2018

Die  Bewerbungsphase für die dritte Runde des Exzellenzprogramms für Wissenschaftlerinnen der Universität des Saarlandes hat begonnen!

Bewerbung: Die Bewerbung zur Aufnahme in das Programm ist schriftlich beim Gleichstellungsbüro der Universität einzureichen. Sie besteht aus dem  Bewerbungsbogen, einem tabellarischen Lebenslauf und der Beantwortung der Fragen 5-8 auf einem gesonderten Blatt.

Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme ist darüber hinaus eine vorab verbindliche Anmeldung zum Auswahl-/Orientierungsseminar. Das Auswahl-/ Orientierungsseminar findet am 08. Oktober 2015 statt. 

Bewerbungsfrist: Bewerbungen können bis zum 28.08.2015 an die zentrale Fax-Nummer 0681/302-4794 gesendet oder persönlich bzw. per Post eingereicht werden:

Gleichstellungsbüro der Universität des Saarlandes
Campus, C 3.1
66123 Saarbrücken

Bewerbungsunterlagen: Den Ausschreibungstext sowie den Bewerbungsbogen finden Sie hier zum Download. 


  • Promote equal opportunities for men and women
  • Increase the number of female researchers at the project management level within the CRC 894
  • Promote early-career female researchers working in the CRC 894
  • Make jobs in science and academia more family friendly

Gender equality represents a significant added value by

  • Improving the research quality, as talent can be picked from a larger pool 
  • Promoting a greater diversity of research perspectives 
  • Eliminating gender bias in science1

Family & Career

Flexible & emergency childcare 

max. 20h per month for CRC 894 employees' children
Contact: FlexiMedKids

CRC 894 events
Childcare during meetings and conferences 
Contact: CRC 894

Relief from routine tasks 

Additional staff in case of pregnancy, parental leave or personal emergencies
Contact: CRC 894 

Flexible & family friendly work schedules 

  • Part-time employment 
  • Support for researchers returning to work after maternity leave with the Kontinuitätsprogramm für Wissenschaftlerinnen" 

Contact: Gleichstellungsbüro

Balancing work & family

Baby changing room
Location: planned in the Center for Integrative Physiology and Molecular Medicine, Building 48

Scientific Career


Training & Workshops 
1 CRC 894 Career Workshop per year &
Participation in Workshops of the "Exzellenzprogramm für Wissenschaftlerinnen"
possible topics:

  • Self empowerment
  • Voice & body language
  • Career development
  • Glass ceiling
  • Leadership 
  • Conflict management

Contact: CRC 894 & Gleichstellungsbüro


Individual & group coaching
possible topics:

  • Personal career planning
  • Assistance in application procedures and negotiation
  • Development of concrete solutions possiblities and strategies
  • Balancing family & work

Contact: Gleichstellungsbüro


Mentoring is an informal transmission of experience and knowledge, and the individual support of a young scientist (Mentee) by an experienced professional (Mentor).

Mentors support mentees in their professional assessment, and give constructive feedback about individual strengthts and skills.

The mentoring programme aims to expand the professional network as it expands the professional horizons of the participants.2

Contact: Gleichstellungsbüro


  • Regular meetings between female CRC members and other scientists of the UdS (eg. Exzellenprogramm)
  • Establishing contacts and information exchange
  • Coorporation with the Gleichstellungsbüro

Contact: CRC 894 & Gleichstellungsbüro

Scientific Excellence

Start-up financing of excellent scientific projects
Contact: CRC 894 & 2. Mentoring-Leitfaden Exzellenzprogramm für Wissenschaftlerinnen