Ca2+ signals:
Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions Collaborative Research Center 894

Meetings 2016

2. Science Slam der DFG Verbundprojekte @UdS

Friday, October 28, 2016 |3 pm
Saarland University | CIPMM Auditorium | Building 48 | Homburg


CRC 894 Symposium 2016 "Cutting edge concepts in Calcium signaling"

May 5 to 7, 2016

Saarland University | CIPMM | Building 48 | 66421 Homburg

All responses of humans – their perceptions, behavior and memory – are controlled by neurons, which communicate using signaling molecules. Calcium is one of the most important signaling molecules. Its role in the body will be discussed by about two hundred scientists at the international symposium “Cutting edge concepts in Calcium signaling” from May 5 to 7 at the Campus of the Faculty of Medicine in Homburg. All interested students and scientists are cordially invited.

This year’s symposium links basic medical research with clinical application and fits very well to the slogan of the Collaborative Research Center 894, “Ca2+ signals: Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions”. The researchers not only analyze genes and molecules but also cells, circuits, organs and the complete organism.

22 renowned speakers from the fields of immunology, neuroscience and sensory science will present their cutting edge concepts in calcium signaling. The participants of the “CRC 894 symposium” come from Germany, Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States. 


SFB 894 Symposium 2016
Welcome by Jens Rettig
Welcome by Jens Rettig
Frank Zufall
Patrice Mollard
Per-Olof Berggren
Reinhold Penner
Shmuel Muallem
Thomas Voets
Thomas Voets
Best Poster Award - Ekta Dembla
2nd rank Poster Award - Stephanie Eckrich
3rd rank Poster Award - Ali Shaib
Poster Session
Poster Session
Poster Session
Poster Session
Poster Session
Poster Session
Poster Session

Photos: Praneeth Chitirala & Josephine Kretschmer


Agenda (30.04.2016)
Poster (06.04.2016)